Baltic Tooling operates with a modern 5 axis CNC milling machine from CMS Industries with working dimensions of: 

X - 15,8 m       Y -  6,2 m       Z - 3 m

The milling machine produces plugs with the surface roughness of up to 0.17-0.2 mm and fine milling with scallop 0,01 mm. Therefore it is possible to produce large high-quality models. The milling machine is computer-controlled, i.e. digital drawings are needed for the milling of models.


A well manufactured, high quality plug is essential to making moulds for all end products, from small components to large sections. An accurate plug, with a high quality finish, is the end result, ready for mould making. The plugs are milled by CNC milling machine for machining of composite materials. Our modern large scale 5 axis CNC machine can produce plugs with the surface tolerances of up to 0.17-0.2 mm and therefore it is possible to produce large high-quality plugs.


The manufacturing of high-quality fibreglass production moulds is a key service offered by Baltic Tooling. Designed to client specifications using the latest 3D-software systems, our moulds are developed and produced with the aid of our extensive experience in modelling and milling to meet high quality and durability standards. Our precision quality gives you better results – high productivity, low surface-finishing costs and repeatability.